How to Get Testimonials From Your Clients

Jun 2020

People trust other people. Not having testimonials or case studies readily available on your website can be a big red flag to your

At KWSM: a digital marketing agency, I have the privilege to work closely with many business owners and senior-level executives. When we begin the engagement, we always ask for their customer testimonials to be used in their digital marketing strategy. It’s a key element that can be featured on their website, on their landing pages, and even in their advertising copy. 

But many of them don’t have any testimonials available for us to use! The most common reason I hear is that they believe there is never a natural time to ask for a review. To which, I generally suggest the following approaches to gather testimonials for their marketing materials. 

3 Perfect Times to Ask Your Clients for Reviews

1. When the project wraps up 

The best time to ask for a favor from your clients is when you are sharing good news with them. Generally, it is good news that the project is complete! If your services were excellent and you delivered on time, this is generally a good time to ask your client what they thought of the project and of working with you. Start by asking them a general question about their experience. If they share positive things, follow up to ask if you can use the comments in your marketing materials to share with future clients. 

2. When you get a friendly email from your client

Most service providers speak to their clients on a weekly basis, sometimes even daily. Every now and then you have clients who reach out to thank you for being on top of your work or for having their back. These emails can almost verbatim be used as a testimonial, but business owners rarely ever think of using them this way. Make it a new process within your company that all emails from clients showing their gratitude get sent to a designated person. This way there is a conscious action step for all your account managers to turn friendly emails into testimonials for your business. 

3. When you do them a favor 

Another great time to ask your client for a testimonial is when you do something that solves a problem or helps them out. For example, at KWSM: a digital marketing agency we go above and beyond the general services we are contracted for. Our motto is “just say yes.” When we do something that is out of the scope of work, we generally find that asking for a testimonial a week or so later is generally well-received. 

Having testimonials available for your prospects to read builds credibility and trust. As a result, these assets will make your marketing materials more effective at converting leads or sales.


Regular use of customer testimonials can help you generate 62% more revenue.

Does your website have enough testimonials and credibility pieces to generate you the most leads and sales?

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