Orange County Gyms Need a Strong Marketing Strategy for Reopening

Jun 2020

The State of California has recently announced that gyms will be a part of the next round of businesses cleared to reopen their doors. Many gyms and fitness studios in the Orange County area will be scrambling to prepare. With this in mind, how can you ensure that members – both old and new – will feel comfortable working out at your gym? The answer may lie in your marketing strategy.



First, make sure you have a clear plan. Without a strategy, marketing becomes a guessing game. Think about your audience and your current members. What worries may keep them from returning to a gym? What would encourage them to renew their membership with you instead of exploring other options? What are pain points of potential members that your gym could help alleviate? When you put yourself in your members’ shoes, you will be more successful in creating a plan for your marketing that caters to their needs. It may also be helpful to speak to current members and ask them some of these questions to get a better understanding of how your target audience is feeling. 



Marketing plans require analysis and adjustment, especially during times of uncertainty. In the next few months, take the time to review your strategy as you execute, and make changes when you notice things that aren’t working as well as you hoped. Gaining a following and building trust with an audience can take time and patience. This is especially true when members may have grown used to working out from home. Just like your marketing strategy, your members will need time to adjust to new protocols and sharing a gym with other members. 



Be clear in your communication and regularly update your members, whether it’s sharing temporary protocols, specials, new classes, or health and wellness tips. Your members are most likely excited to return to the gym, and they will turn to your social media, newsletters, and blogs for useful information during this time. If you stayed in touch with your members virtually, you will have already created a platform for your business to share updates with your members. If not, there’s no better time than now to start researching the benefits of digital marketing


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