How Las Vegas Coworking Spaces Should Be Communicating Safety Protocols in the Workplace

Jun 2020

Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular for small businesses in Las Vegas. Since the coronavirus outbreak, all shared spaces have been closed to prevent the spread of illness. Now, after weeks of being closed, shared office spaces are cleared to reopen in Las Vegas. Are you prepared?

If you manage a coworking space, it is critical to communicate effective messaging for tenants that will return to your shared space. You are providing a service in the B2B community, and business owners who office with you rely on you to communicate new policies to ensure their safety.

After all, their livelihood depends on having a safe working environment to continue daily operations. And, you depend on their business for your income, so you want to ensure that they feel confident about coming back.

If you need direction about how to communicate information to your tenants about social distancing and safety protocols, enlist the help of a digital marketing agency in Las Vegas. Here are a few of our best tips for how coworking spaces can communicate with their tenants.

Lay Out a Clear Plan

Developing a clear message about safety protocols will make your tenants feel more confident returning to your facility. Ask yourself what new rules need to be in place to make business owners feel comfortable in a coworking environment. Should you provide sanitation stations throughout your space? Will you shut down the communal kitchen for now, or at least the communal coffee pot? Will masks be required in the office? It will be important for your tenants to know that you have given this a lot of thought, and are taking their safety seriously. By laying out a clear plan for safety procedures, you will earn your tenants’ trust and support.

Provide Updates Via Email

Send your tenants frequent email updates about safety protocols you are putting into place, and help business owners understand the new normal in your coworking space. Provide information on handwashing, wearing masks, sanitation stations, and guidelines or restrictions for common areas. Email is a quick way to address any changes or issues that arise.

You can send individual emails to your tenants, or  send out a more formal email newsletter as a way to outline the precautions you will be taking in an easy-to-digest format. Consider adding links to supplemental articles that support your new policies.

Use Signage For Reinforcement

Using traditional tactics to communicate your message is never out of style. Posting signage around your facility to remind tenants of new policies will help remind them of the procedures you’ve previously relayed. Placing signs strategically in common areas is not only helpful, but makes tenants more likely to abide by the rules. Ensure that you’re following up to date information from the CDC guidelines.


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