Content Marketing KPIs: What Should You Track?

Apr 2020

Content Marketing KPIs: What Should You Track?Tracking your business goals is the key to success. Are you also tracking your digital metrics? If not, you should be using Key Performance Indicators.

Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs, help you ensure your digital marketing is directly lining up with your overall business performance. Your KPIs are dependent on your overall business goals. Are your social media posts helping boost sales? Do your Tweets support your brand awareness? It’s imperative to be able to connect the dots with every piece of content you put out. Measuring the right KPI can help you understand which tactics are successful and which need to be revised. 

Here are some KPIs you should be tracking based on your overall goals.

Brand Awareness

The more times people see content from you, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Brand awareness focuses on content that reaches more people and gets them to start talking about you. There are two KPIs you can track to make sure you’re meeting your goal.

Follower / Subscriber Count

Although follower and subscriber numbers can seem like a vanity measurement, it can actually help you better understand your audience. If you regularly see people unsubscribing to your newsletter, it could be a sign that you need to mix up your content. If you see a drastic change in followers on your account, take a look at what you’re posting and how your response rate is. 

Audience Engagement

To increase engagement on your content, you need to first measure likes, comments, shares, and even link clicks. Genuine engagement on your posts can let you know which content resonates with your fans. It is also an indicator of how people feel about your company. Tracking engagement can help you understand who your audience truly is.

Generating Leads

If getting leads is your goal, it’s important to track whether or not the leads coming in are high-quality. You don’t want to waste time or money creating lead generation content that doesn’t pay off. There are KPIs that can help you track that.

Click-Through Rate

This measurement helps you analyze how your content is connecting with your audience. This number is heavily dependent on how well your call to action communicates what you want the user to do. Whether you want potential customers to go to a specific webpage or fill out a form, a clear and compelling call to action will help keep this number growing.

Cost Per Lead

Analyzing your cost per lead can help you better understand which platforms perform best for your business. If you’re paying a lot for website clicks on Facebook ads but you don’t see any high-quality leads coming through, you could be targeting the wrong audience or Facebook might not be your ideal social platform.

Although these are common measurements that can help you accurately track your performance, it’s important to create a custom plan for your business. Your KPIs should match your overall business goals and help you understand the true value of your digital marketing strategy.


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