In the News: Instagram and LinkedIn Create New Features as Facebook Adds Metrics for Ads

Apr 2020

There is no better time than now to create new features for social media users to test out while they are staying home and that is just what Instagram and LinkedIn are working on. As these two platforms test new features, Facebook is adding extra metrics for businesses that are running ads during this time. In the News: Instagram and LinkedIn Create New Features as Facebook Adds Metrics for Ads

Instagram Creates Stickers for Businesses

Instagram is testing a new Share Professional Sticker feature for Stories that would allow users to share a business profile with their followers. The new Share Professional sticker would enable users to add an Instagram handle, which would then populate thumbnails of the three most recent posts from that account. Once the preview is created, it can then be used as a promotional tool in Instagram Stories. 

LinkedIn Adds Polls and a New Hashtag

To help gather relevant feedback from group members, LinkedIn is working on creating polls. The new poll option would be available in the post composer options. When selected, users would be able to add a question with four possible answers to choose from. You would then choose your poll duration and post it, as you would a regular LinkedIn update. 

In addition to the polls, LinkedIn is also testing a new hashtag called Presentation Mode, which would showcase the conversation about a specific hashtag on the platform in full-screen.

If LinkedIn is a key platform for you, this tool will be helpful to stay on top of relevant conversations and potential opportunities. 

Facebook Includes Metrics in Ad Library

Facebook’s Ad Library is a tool that provides insight into the campaigns currently running on Facebook and Instagram. With this tool, you can see who is running ads and how they’ve structured the campaign. 

Recently, Facebook added new features to the Ad Library listings that will now show a new “potential reach” metric that estimates the size of the audience that is eligible to see an ad. The new listings will also make it easier to sort ads based on their potential influence. Additionally, Facebook began grouping similar ads together within the Library and added more filters to make it easier to find related ad content. 


megaphoneAn average Facebook user clicks on 11 ads per month.

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