4 Elements to Include in Every Blog Post

Jan 2021

If you’re a business owner trying to beef up your content marketing strategy, blogging should play an integral part in your plan. Original blogging content goes beyond communicating directly to the viewer, it also increases your SEO ranking. To create strong blog posts, there are four things that you must do for every post:

Including these four key elements in every blog post will ensure it keeps your target audience engaged and that it stays an evergreen piece of content on your website.

Write Strong Headlines

Up to 80 percent of people will read your blog’s headline, but only 20 percent of people will go on to read the entirety of the blog. With this in mind, it is important to craft headlines that grab viewers’ attention and entice them to read the whole blog. You also want to make sure your headlines accurately represent the content of the post, communicate a key point. 


For example, before clicking to read this full article, you knew I would be discussing four key elements to include in any blog post, and if you’ve made it this far, you’re interested in learning what these four things are. If you read my headline and elected not to read the full article, it is likely because blogging isn’t a topic that is relevant to you, and you have no need or desire to learn more about it. 

Craft Content that Adds Value

Whether the goal of your blog is to promote your business’ services, attract new customers, educate your audience, contribute to an existing conversation, or entertain readers, the content you write for the post should always be crafted to add value to the reader’s life. How can you make their life easier, teach them something, or entertain them?


Related to adding value, make sure anything said in your blog is factually accurate, and that all information necessary is presented upfront. If you have a blog post that leaves readers needing to Google answers, you haven’t created content that adds value, you’ve added one more task to their to-do list for the day. 

Include a Photo 

Paragraphs and paragraphs of text with no visuals can be daunting and this format is likely to deter readers. Including a relevant image or images throughout the post can help move readers’ eyes naturally down the page without having them drop off before finishing the whole blog post.  


Keep the Content Fresh 

Once you post your blog, don’t forget about it. Over time, it is likely that information in the post will become outdated and need slight updating. Spending time refreshing your posts will keep your blog beneficial to new viewers, but it will also help improve the SEO ranking of your posts as well.


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