How to Repurpose Your Digital Marketing Content

Jan 2021

how_to_repurpose_your_digital_marketing_contentWhen was the last time you took inventory of your marketing collateral? If you’re struggling to find the time or creativity to develop campaign after campaign with new content, taking a look at some older pieces and discovering ways to repurpose them may be the answer. Repurposing quality content and turning it into new, fresh pieces can bring new life to successful posts of the past and re-spark conversations on topics that you know your audience is interested in. Want to know how? Here’s a breakdown of a few of the many ways you can repurpose your content.

Refresh Your Copywriting

Repurposing copy is one of the best ways to share your expertise in a new and exciting way. Did a past blog post perform particularly well on your website? Chop up the long-form piece into shorter blurbs to use in social media posts, ads, or email topics; doing so can refresh the piece and act as an effective tool to drive new eyes to the blog itself. Conversely, you can pull together small pieces of content to build a new blog post. This can improve your website SEO and prompt your audience to stay on your website longer to read the piece. 

Reuse Your Photos and Videos

Repurposing photos and videos is another great way to bring new life to existing content. Taking professional photos and incorporating them into graphics for social media can be a great way to reuse images from your website. You can also reuse short video clips as part of longer webinar-style videos, patched together with screen recordings or customer testimonials. As long as your older images or videos are high resolution, these repurposing suggestions can work well for your marketing. 

Think Across Channels

You don’t have to stay in one lane when repurposing content. Cross-posting your content can be very easy, and extremely effective at sparking new interest and conversation. Take infographics used on social media and turn them into blogs, turn blogs into video topics, or turn social media campaigns into email content. If you can think of a medium you haven’t used yet, there is likely a way you can effectively repurpose your old content to use there. 


Learn How to Become a Stronger Team Player in 202160% of marketers reuse each piece of content between 2-5 times.


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