4 Reasons to Get Your Business Hooked on Instagram Reels

Jan 2021

Instagram is a visual platform that connects people and businesses through pictures and videos. The app is always looking for ways to innovate and excite users, and last summer Instagram released its newest feature to date: Reels. Strikingly similar to TikTok, Reels allows users to shoot, edit, and upload their content without leaving the app!

This new feature may seem like a challenge, but don’t let that scare you away from using it for your business. Instead, consider it a new way that you can engage your audience. Here are a few reasons to get your business hooked on Reels.

Improve Your Efforts

You are already reaching your audience with organic posts on Instagram. Instead of shying away from this new tool, use it to get exposure for your business and create lasting relationships with your audience. Reels is just another way that you can make an effort to connect with people interested in you. Use Reels to supplement your regular postings, like Stories and IGTV.

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Edit Within the App

Another reason you should consider using Reels is the video editing capabilities. You can modify your video right in the app, making the editing and uploading process easier. Videos can be 15-30 seconds long and the app has a lot of features that could help you create content that your audience will love. Along with a library of music and sounds, you can add transitions, edit clips together, change the speed or text and filters. Whatever message you want to deliver to your audience, you can create an impactful video to convey it.

Get Top Priority

Reels are one of the first things users see when logging onto the Instagram app. Since it’s the newest feature for Instagram, the app encourages users to create content with Reels. Take advantage of this feature sooner rather than later, so you can organically reach more people. It’s uncertain whether Reels will be monetized in the future, but it may only be a matter of time. Take advantage of the tool before that happens.

Reuse Video Content

Instagram Reels can be reused on other social platforms! Video assets can be easily shared across different platforms, meaning you’re not only limited to Instagram for video content. Film a video, save it, and post it with unique messaging for each social media platform. It’s important to change your message because audiences vary per platform. This will not only help you create engaging content, it will also save you time!


megaphoneOver 75% of businesses use Instagram as part of their online presence.

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