3 Things You Need to Know About the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Sep 2014
Photo credit: @knappstudio
Photo credit: @knappstudio

Earlier this year, LinkedIn rolled out a publishing platform to influential users.  The new feature enables these users to write and publish long-form posts directly onto the platform. Previously, all users were limited to simple status updates or posting articles via a web link.

Here are three things you need to know about the LinkedIn Publishing Platform:

High Impact User-Based

According to LinkedIn, the publishing tool is currently used by very active users. The roll out earlier this year included 25,000 users who on average had 1,049 first degree connections and 42 followers.

Spam Filters Apply

The publishing platform is subject to LinkedIn’s Unified Content Filtering (UCF) Service. This service ranks the articles to determine how likely they are to be promotional in nature. If the post ranks too high on the UCF scale it will not be distributed.

Applications No Longer Accepted

In time, LinkedIn has plans to do another roll out to all of its users. Up until a couple of weeks ago, users without publishing capabilities could apply to be considered for the next phase.  The company states that these applications will no longer be accepted. Users should look for a notification for when they are granted publishing capabilities.

Publishing on LinkedIn is great for your personal profile and  also your brand’s visibility. As users wait for access to the platform, it is important to stay active on the channel. Keep networking, adding connections and sharing valuable content related to your brand and industry. You also want to keep your profile information updated and solicit recommendations as appropriate.

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