The Seven Habits of Highly Creative Bloggers

Sep 2014
Photo credit: @cozyreverie
Photo credit: @cozyreverie

When your company’s social media strategy involves blogging, it can be challenging to think of new ways to cover a topic. Even the most celebrated writers tend to psych themselves out or run low on ideas from time to time.

Although it can be difficult to harness inspiration, there are ways to welcome it into your creative process. Just a few minor changes in your writing routine could make the difference between blogging boredom and your next big hit.

Here is what some of the greatest writers do to keep their mind and work fresh:

1. They write a little every day.

Whether you spend five minutes or five hours, take some time out of your daily life to write and reflect. If something work-related sparks your interest, use it to your advantage.

2. They know when to step back.

If you’re feeling stuck, pausing to do something enjoyable may be just what the doctor ordered. According to a Harvard study, the relaxing hormone dopamine can inspire our most creative ideas. Keep in mind that there is a fine line between a productive pause and procrastination, so be sure to set boundaries ahead of time!

3. They aren’t afraid of failure.

If people only wrote things that they knew would be a hit, literature would probably get set back to the era of cave paintings. Produce the best possible version of your work by getting feedback from someone you trust — their notes could be the answer to what your blog post is missing.

4. They eliminate the obvious.

Clear up some mental real estate by getting all the obvious stuff out of the way. Telling people what they already know about your field isn’t very helpful, but diving deeper into topics can provide some real value.

5. They daydream.

A recent study by the National Institutes for Health observed the brain activity of freestyle rappers and saw that creativity was heightened when other areas were “shut down.” Release some pressure during your first draft by clearing your head, forgetting the rules and writing whatever comes to mind—correcting mistakes is what that next draft is for.

6. They take care of themselves.

Fact: a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Even when you’re not on the creative grind, make it a habit to get your juices flowing through an active lifestyle, healthier eating habits, a good night’s sleep and pursuing other passions.

7. They get outside of their comfort zone.

Anything that causes you to work differently can spark new ideas for your blog. Do you normally write at your office? Try visiting the coffee shop down the street. Is your laptop the center of your professional universe? Put that new notebook to work. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how the smallest changes can refresh your thought process.

Whatever you do to write a creative new post, the most important step you should keep in mind is to just start. Blogging is not punishment — find a way to make it an enjoyable experience for you and your potential customers! How do you rev up your creative process? Share in the comments below.

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