4 Ways a Polished Social Media Presence Can Land You a Job

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Searching for your dream career can become a full-time job. Fortunately, social media and blogging provide job candidates with a unique way to showcase their fit for a position even before the interview. In fact, many recruiters and hiring managers are checking out your digital footprint before they decide to extend an interview to you. And, just like social media, blogging can play an essential role in introducing you to your next employer. Following these four digital media makeover tips can help you find your next job.

Create a Polished Image

Always maintain a professional image on your social media channels. Photos of you drinking alcohol with your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters at your college town’s local dive bar are sure to turn off a hiring manager. Avoid posting or commenting on controversial issues. A good rule of thumb is to keep anything to yourself that has the potential to go viral. Even though you are posting on your personal social media profile, you still represent your company or business, so make sure your posts are fact-based.

Use Correct Grammar in Blogs and Social Media Posts

Businesses want someone to represent them like that person would represent himself or herself – professionally. Blogs and social media posts that are full of grammatical errors send a message to a potential employer that you may lack the necessary skill set to perform the duties of the job. Additionally, using bad grammar gives potential employers the perception that you are lazy or not serious about your work. Companies are more likely to select a candidate that communicates clearly when writing blogs or social media posts.

Display Relevant References on Your Profile

What company doesn’t want to hire a candidate with glowing references? Social media streamlines the process of finding strong references. Social channels such as LinkedIn allow users to display recommendations on your profile. Increase your chances of landing your dream job by displaying relevant recommendations from recent supervisors, clients, and customers that demonstrate why you are the perfect fit for the company and the position.

Show You’re the Right Fit for the Company

As you continue using social media, you will begin to define your personality through your posts. This enables potential employers who view your social media profiles to assess if you are the right fit for their company. Expressing creativity through blogs is also powerful. For example, if you work for a government agency and enjoy sports, you can blog about the city breaking ground on the new soccer field at the local park. Sharing your blog on your social channels will pack a powerful punch, leading to new readership and possibly your future boss seeing your blog on LinkedIn.


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