Why Your Company Page Shouldn’t “Like” Its Own Content

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“Liking” your own content is like giving yourself a high five after you tell a joke; of course, you enjoyed your story, otherwise, you wouldn’t have told it in the first place. Companies may hit the “like” button on their posts for a number of reasons but this form of personal praise can come off unprofessional and spammy. Here’s why you should avoid liking your content as the company page and how to work around it.


When a business shares exciting news on their social media channels it’s implied they already like what they’re talking about. Taking the extra step to “like” a company post as the company can come off as unprofessional and appear as if your business doesn’t know how to properly use social media.


Whether it’s intentional or not, businesses liking their own posts can come off as spammy, because you’re augmenting the engagement instead of waiting for it to organically increase with genuine fan interactions. If you’re worried a post will not earn quality engagement, it’s time to rethink your social media strategy instead of simply “liking” the bland content. 

Work Arounds           

If the above paragraphs have not changed your perspective and you’re still passionate about liking your company posts, here are some alternatives to try.

Personal Options

Use your personal social media accounts to increase business content engagement. The average company follower likely doesn’t know you work for the business and your interactions with posts will look more natural. However, if you comment, like, and share every single thing you post on your company page, users will start to wise up.

Easily Reversible

If you realize you’ve committed this social media crime, don’t worry; you can easily amend this minor infraction. By simply clicking the like button a second time, you can undo your online faux pas.

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