Why We Prefer An Open Concept Workspace

open concept, open concept workspace Today’s professional workspace is inundated with digital communication. From instant messaging chats to email threads to texts, technology has changed the way we interact with other at work. And while it no doubt simplifies our lives, it gives us little reason to engage with anyone or anything that exists outside our workspace bubble.

The clock might strike five before you realize you haven’t looked up from your desk once all day. While this might work for some industries, it can be detrimental to businesses whose success hinges on the creativity and innovation of its team members. To keep employees from becoming office hermits and to foster creative thinking, many companies are opting for an open concept floor plan.

The physical workspace has a significant impact on company culture. An open office lends itself to more communication, collaboration, and sense of community. When everyone shares an equal and common ground, regardless of job title or position, it makes for a more approachable team. This is especially true between staff and upper management since there are no intimidating office walls or closed doors standing between departments. When your team feels comfortable around each other, it breaks down boundaries and spurs more creative and productive exchanges. It helps shape dedicated, engaged, and loyal employees who feel they are part of something bigger than themselves.

At KWSM, we’ve chosen to forgo the cubicle life in lieu of this more collaborative feng shui. And we’ve experienced some really awesome results from doing so. A few of the benefits? More interaction, fewer lengthy and inefficient email threads, and a growing sense of team mentality. We’re always throwing thoughts, ideas, and random quips back and forth and more often than not, it’s those remarks that turn into compelling outside-the-box ideas – ideas that take our minds in directions we might never have thought up on our own. We are stimulated, less complacent, and more engaged. And we get to know each other better with every passing day, which makes our culture, our people, and our ideas stronger. Working together, both in the projects we take on and in the space we share, reminds us everyday that we are all part of a shared vision and common goal. Which makes celebrating each of our wins that much sweeter, knowing we all played a role in each other’s and our company’s success.

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