Twitter Tweaks the Way We Tweet

Wondering what new improvements are being made on social media this week? Facebook is getting real with users, Instagram is testing a new feature that looks similar to another app, and Twitter is now even more convenient to use.

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Facebook Highlights Self-Care September 

September 10th was World Suicide Prevention Day, so Facebook shared updates on their campaign to prevent self-harm on their platform and on Instagram. Certain graphic images of self-harm will no longer be allowed on Facebook. These photos will be removed even if the user shared a post to seek support or speak about recovery. Instagram has made it more difficult to find these images, but they will not remove them. Facebook has also created a Suicide Prevention Page that includes meetings with behavioral health professionals. These are small steps in the right direction to help users on these platforms feel welcome and safe.


Instagram Tests a New Feature That You May Have Seen Before

Instagram is testing a new feature that mimics the popular app TikTok. This is not the first time Instagram has taken an idea from another platform, back in 2016 they added the “stories” feature which seemed to be highly influenced by Snapchat. Now, they are updating these stories to have very similar features to TikTok. This means users can create multiple short clips and then put them together in a single video. Users can also add music and change the speed of the video. This update may draw users away from TikTok in favor of Instagram. 


Twitter Keeps Tweets Effortless 

Twitter released a new update this month that allows users to rearrange the order of their photos inside of a tweet. Before this release, users had to upload photos in the order they wanted them to be seen. If the order was not right, users had to delete and start over. While this may not seem like an overly difficult process, it could be very frustrating for those users who constantly use images to tell a story. This feature makes it easier for users to customize their tweets the way they want them to be seen. This is a great move for Twitter as it continues to allow users to truly personalize their accounts. 


Did you know that 66% of monthly Facebook users are on the site daily? 

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