Twitter Moments Puts You In The Driver’s Seat

Twitter is opening up its “Moments” feature for businesses and brands, Facebook is making your birthday even better with personalized video montages, and Instagram Video has now found its way to your desktop screen (You can even save videos and photos, too!)Twitter Moments Puts You In The Driver’s Seat 1

These are the need-to-know trending stories in social media this week!

Watch Instagram Story Feeds Like Never Before                                                                                                                                                                                

Instagram dominated social media news this month after launching its Instagram Stories video feed, and now Google Chrome has taken the Snapchat-esque feature to a whole new level! Google announced an exciting new Chrome extension that allows Instagram users to not only view their Instagram story feed from their desktop but to save the feeds’ photos or videos as well! The extension, simply named “Chrome IG Story,” displays feeds in full browser resolution, using arrow keys to skip, and simply right clicking on a feed to save and download. Twitter Moments Puts You In The Driver’s Seat 2.jpg

New to Instagram Stories? Read all about it here.

Facebook Birthday’s Just Got That Much Better

Facebook has rolled out a new birthday feature, which will now showcase a personalized video showcasing birthday well wishes from friends along with photos. The video message will appear at the top of a user’s feed the day after their birthday, giving them instant access to a fun and engaging overview of their special day.

The key to any business’s success on social media is constant follower engagement and this birthday feature will be another great way to get a brand and business name in front of followers by letting them know you were thinking about them on their birthday!

Twitter Moments Goes Public

In an ongoing list of new additions to engage it’s once text driven platform, Twitter has officially announced it will open its Moments story feed to businesses and brands with a continued plan to eventually include all users. Facebook initially offered Moments, which showcases a collection of tweets that follow specific news stories or other conversations unfolding on the social network, to brands such as Mashable and Twitter. With millions of tweets that are sent each day via Twitter, Moments launched as a way for users to see trending topics without having to dig through hundreds to tweets on the timeline.

Twitter Moments Puts You In The Driver’s Seat 3.jpg

This latest evolution to include brands and businesses will now give smaller companies the potential to reach brand new audiences by appearing in global news feeds. With so much happening in social media trends and news every week, it may seem overwhelming to attempt to keep up. Be sure to check out our Facebook page daily for the very latest and up to date news you need to know!


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