Facebook Features Job Listings

Social media has many caveats.  With frequent updates and resurfacing content, social media changes rapidly.  Be sure to keep up on the most pressing and intriguing issues to help you master the art of social media.  Using social media is one thing but using it well is the key to online success.  Stay updated and stay informed with the latest social media news.


Having a strong audience is important for your brand to survive.  Sometimes its best to build a little content up before you launch your social media campaign that way its full of good content once its operational.  This can help attract fans that would have other wise left if no material was visible.  There are plenty of other ways to build an audience for your online community before it even launches.  See how to strengthen your audience.

Facebook has been very innovative over the past 3 years, at least much more innovative than from 2005-2008 during its early beginnings.  Facebook has rolled out various new features, new capabilities and has even taken the company public.  All are components of Facebook’s larger picture.  There is word Facebook is leaning towards products being advertised and job listing being provided on the site.  With that they’re developing the “Want” button.  Read the full story.

YouTube is a crucial part to the success of any online marketing campaign.  Owned by Google, the sites functionality and visibility is closed tied with that of the search engine giant.  YouTube is constantly making its features easier and more desirable for its user.  Most notably they have further simplified their video editor making it a slightly better experience for its users.  See the new features

YouTube is also becoming a more and more trusted source for catching your favorite sports action clips.  No along with highlights, YouTube is offering reruns of sports games, or broadcasting matches and events.  In most recent cases, YouTube has been an extremely popular venue to catch the updates and videos of the Olympic action in London.  With millions of users tuning in for single events like that, YouTube is slowly becoming the place to be for visual media.  YouTube’s visual media takeover. 

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