What Do I Write On My Business Blog?

Aug 2012
Photo: @don_epheezy
Photo: @don_epheezy

Frequently creating new content is what attracts search engines like Google to your site.  Hands down one of the most effective ways to do so is through blogging.  Blogging helps to increase the online presence of your business ten-fold.  A blog can greatly improve your SEO, attract new customers and it can be fun as well.

Often times we don’t know where to start with a blog.  The question “what do I write?” seems to always come into our heads.  As a frequent blogger myself, I can tell you that answering that question may be easier than you think.  You don’t have to be an English major (I certainly am not) nor do you have to always physically curate content to run a good blog.  Here are a collection of ideas that I found to help answer “what do I write about?” in terms of blogging for business.

Success stories & testimonials

You can easily turn any success story from your business into a blog.  Maybe it’s how you helped your first client achieve success or maybe it’s about how you just helped your largest client account meet their needs.  Whatever your business measures as success, share it with the world.   These are very basic and very easy to create.  And in fact at the same time as build your blog, it will build your reputation as well.  And even taking this one step further, ask satisfied customers to leave you a review or a testimonial of your work.  Other readers enjoy hearing how your business has helped people in the past and how it can potentially help them in the future.


What’s going on in your industry that maybe only you or industry related people might know? Since we are all experts in our given fields, share some of your expertise with your readers.  Social media and blogging is about sharing information and sparking interest in reader’s minds.  Sharing your knowledge serves as great content. This sort of content is also some of the best to use because its original and its new.  Chances are your opinion hasn’t been published on another major blog recently.  These original blog posts oftentimes get referenced on numerous other blogs down the road because of their authenticity.  And we all know that when someone shares your blog post, your company gets more recognition.


Interview a prominent figure in your industry or one in a related industry.  This again is another form of original content that strengthens your blog. Another source of great content is to post about anytime you are interviewed.  Whether is on a local radio show, at the community center or on national television, your audience wants to know what you are doing.  Turn your interview in to a nice well written blog post and include a link to where the interview is hosted (that is if there is a video or another write up about it).  The benefit here is that you will get to meet some interesting people if nothing else.

Guest posting

If you’re really stuck on what to post, try using guest posting to get some content.  Guest posting is asking another person or another blog to write a blog post for your website.  Sometimes they could use the publicity and would be happy to help out.  This is nearly effortless however make sure to return the favor down the road.  Back linking to other blogs and other websites will strengthen your actual blog post.  So don’t worry, a guest blogger won’t be stealing any of your attention but in fact will be attracting it.  Plus this is a great way to develop “allies” on the web.  You never know how these connections can help in the future.  Believe me, if you’re stuck on what to blog about, there are many others in the same boat.  Collaboration has its benefits!


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