The Times They Are A Changin’: How To Optimize Videos For Social

How To Optimize Videos For SocialGone are the days where people pull up to watch a movie at the only screen in town. There are screens almost everywhere we look now; they’re on the streets, at stores, and even in our hands. Now more than ever, your audience has unlimited opportunities to be engaged with your brand. And with videos becoming more and more popular on social media, you’ll want to roll with the changes and start creating and optimizing your videos for engagement.

Text Overlay


While most people enjoy watching movies without subtitles, watching videos on social media is surprisingly the opposite. A large percentage of these are watched without sound. In order for your brand to catch the attention of this type of audience, you’ll want to include a text overlay in your video. This will enable everyone to experience your video, whether they want to listen to or read it. A small detail like this can mean the difference between people engaging with your brand or scrolling past it in the news feed.



Like any other type of social content, aesthetics play a big role when it comes to videos. Your brand should test and plan what format is best for your videos when you share them on social. Generally, square videos are best for Facebook. They take up the most space especially on mobile; which is what a majority of people are on when they check their social channels. Instagram depends entirely on what your brand deems aesthetically pleasing. There are plenty of vertical, horizontal, and square videos that have received equally good engagement. It all comes down to what will catch your audience’s attention and what accentuates the content.

Call To Action


Endings are just as important as beginnings. While you’ll want to catch your audience’s attention in the first three seconds, you’ll also want to keep them engaged in the last three. By adding a CTA at the end of your video, you’ll encourage your followers to extend their experience with your brand. Whether you want people to check out your blog or shop your website, including a CTA will automatically increase your chances of your followers going beyond your video.


Once you’ve incorporated these techniques, find out how you can create video on LinkedIn’s mobile app!

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