The Season of Sales | Social Media Help Desk Episode #36

You better watch out, you better not hide… it’s the season of selling, and we’re breaking it down on the Social Media Help Desk. This week, we’re back in California with President and host, Katie Wagner. I’m sitting down with Katie and Ivana to discuss this week’s top social media stories. Also, we talk our panel discussion topics include the social media holiday marketing strategy you should be planning, and why your company should probably be using social media.


We’re starting this week’s episode off with some Instagram technical talk! Ivana and I are sharing our thoughts on the analytics options and what we think this means for the channel. We also dive into some change within social media, like new features from Snapchat and Twitter that may change the way you utilize the channels.


With the holiday season around the corner, many companies are asking themselves, ‘Should I be marketing online?’ While the answer for most will be yes, Ivana is sharing her thoughts on digital marketing for business and how different businesses can get the best results from their social media strategy.


We may be a few weeks away from Christmas, but there are plenty of holidays to be preparing for them in the meantime. Do you have your Black Friday sales lined up? What are you doing for Small Business Saturday? I’m discussing with the group the importance of a full holiday marketing strategy that goes beyond marking your store 20% off for the season.


It’s the season of giving, and we’re ending the help desk with a reminder to know your audience’s limits this season. Video can be an authentic way too show off your company culture while many of your competitors are just focusing on selling in the winter months. Use video as a tool to improve your website and social media presence.

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