4 Last-Minute Thanksgiving & Black Friday Social Media Campaigns For Your Brand

Nov 2018

And so it begins—the clock is winding down until the Thanksgiving feasts begin; the holidays are officially amongst us. This season is notoriously known for being the busiest time of year for businesses. With all the responsibility of meeting the end-of-year deadlines, catering to holiday shoppers and preparing for the new year, social media strategies can tend to slip through the cracks.

Don’t worry; we’re not judging you—too much—if you didn’t plan your holiday strategies just yet. In fact, we’d like to help you out with simple ideas to inspire your campaign before the Thanksgiving deadline. Just carve out a couple of hours to customize these plans for your brand.

Poll the Audience

Let your audience tell you what they want this season. Choose a couple of products or bundle and have followers tell you their favorite. Then promote a discount code for the winner, and thank your followers for their loyalty and support throughout the year. This is a simple way to show your appreciation for customers, which also resonates with individuals who are new to your brand.

Surprise Followers With an Exclusive Sale

If you haven’t started promoting Black Friday sales, there’s still time to pull it off! Announce to followers that there will be surprise Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday discount codes on your social media platforms. Keep these codes exclusive to your select platforms to keep the attention on these pages.

Celebrate Your Top Contributors

If you have a group of followers who always like, comment and share feedback on your content, this is a good time to highlight them on your page. You can feature them all in one post on the week of Thanksgiving, or start promoting them once a week until the end of the year. For a more in-depth post, reach out to these followers by asking a few questions about how they utilize your product or service and how it simplifies their lives. This can double as a gratitude and success story post.

Let a Trusted Influencer Spread the Word

Emphasis on ‘trusted!’ If you have previously worked with an influencer that understands your brand, now is the time to recruit them to talk about your holiday sales. And if you have a contest idea, influencers are a great resource to gain entries and engagement. While your promoting your campaign on your own channels, have them expand that audience by spreading the word on their own.

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