Take Your Blog Out of the Box With These Creative Formatting Styles: Part 2

Nov 2018

Blogging is fun! We proved this last week, when we presented three different ways you could share your wealth of knowledge with your audience. You’d be surprised how far a little formatting can go.

Your Slide Show

This is a more picture-heavy type of blog that shows more than it tells. If you had a team outing, want to show a group of products or highlighting trends, this is a fun way to do it. Give your audience an intro paragraph detailing what your slideshow covers and get to town. And don’t forget about your captions—you don’t want your photo to do all the talking. Give your visual a voice in the caption so your audience has a clear understanding of what message your blog is sending.

Your News

Do you have any exciting company news to share? Your blog is the perfect place to host all of the happenings and updates going on in your company. Employee promotions, product launches, and company transformations are news you want to write about on your blog. You can even give your audience a preview of exciting events or plans you have coming up. While your providing thought leadership and how-tos, don’t forget to toot your company’s horn when the opportunity arises.

Your Interview

If there is a dynamic thought leader in your industry that you can partner with or a customer or client that has a compelling success story, allow them to make a debut on your blog. This format is different from a feature given its Q&A style. Interviews can be long or short form depending on your brand and the person you’re speaking to. People like to read an intriguing story that reveals interesting details they didn’t know they wanted to know. Your interview can accomplish this for your blog, as long as you’re telling the right story for your audience.

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