Instagram’s Best Kept Secret – and How You Can Use it to Your Advantage

Aug 2017

Instagram’s algorithm is still a mystery to some, but not to all. As users become more familiar with the platform’s ever-changing algorithm, digital marketers have begun to learn more about what goes into a successful post, and what you can do to help increase your visibility on the popular photo sharing app. You know the basics – how hashtags and number of likes will increase your odds of being seen – but there’s still one secret that has yet to be revealed to much of the online community. By harnessing this component, you can get a leg up on the competition and play ball with some of the most successful Insta-lebrities.


So what’s the big secret? It involves something you participate in every time you scroll through the site. The Instagram algorithm shows that you don’t have to have tons of likes to be favored by it. Instagram takes into account how long your followers “glance” at your photo, and if they stay for more than a few seconds, bingo, Instagram decides if your content is interesting enough to be shown to even more followers. But if your followers are just scrolling by, the app pumps the breaks on that post.


Now that the secret’s out, it’s time you take advantage of this feature. You’ve already seen how this affects your posts daily; you just didn’t know it. By increasing the time each of your followers spends on your pictures, you can take advantage of this opportunity.


Post Creative and Eye Catching Content

The more interesting your photo is, the more attention you’ll draw towards your post. Be selective with the photos you choose to upload and only post the most visually appealing and interesting pics.


Focus on the Quality of Your Followers

Buying followers can be tempting, but it will do nothing to help your standing with the algorithm. You may have 10,000 followers, but if they are not interested in the type of content you are posting, Instagram will act accordingly. Besides, we’ve all seen that so-called influencer with 24,000 fans, yet their posts only get only about 11 engagements.


Pump Up your Description with a Call to Action

Your description can make or break the amount of time someone spends looking at your post. Put careful time and consideration into crafting your message. You can continue to get your audience involved by asking a question and instructing your followers to leave a comment. This will not only increase your engagement but also will draw users in and have them read through the existing comments. Here’s a quick tip – emojis can help grab the audience!


We’ve unlocked this secret; use it well. The power to improve your Instagram presence is in your hands, and these tools can get you there. Instagram’s algorithm is a complex process and involves more than just time spent taking your photo. Find out how to make the most out of Instagram’s algorithm

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