Spread the Love & Increase Engagement on Facebook for Valentine’s Day

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It’s the season for love! That’s right, Valentine’s Day joy is in the air. Marketers everywhere are making sure not to let their brand fall behind. So how are you using this love-filled holiday to increase engagement? To spread the love around, use Facebook to engage your audience and ultimately reach more potential customers! If your business has a product or service that you can tie into February 14th, these tips could help you connect with a new audience:

Sweet Special

There’s nothing sweeter than a discount. Can you offer a special deal if a customer purchases your product or service before Valentine’s Day? This not only makes them more inclined to buy at a special price, but it also creates urgency for them to do so now! If you offer gift certificates, you could take $5 off any $25 gift certificate. The special you offer has to be appealing enough to make customers buy it, and buy it soon. Ask yourself if the deal you are thinking of offering is enough to make you pull out your wallet.

X’s or O’s

To amp up engagement this week, try asking a this-or-that question. What you ask your audience on Facebook has to be direct, with two answers already listed for your audience to select. In other words, ask them if they would rather get jewelry or chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Giving your audience two pre-set answers makes it easy for them to comment on the post.

Think about how much more likely you would be to comment on a post if you just had to pick one of the two answers instead of coming up with an answer yourself. Even if a person isn’t a fan of either answer you give, they are likely to say what they would like. The simple way to get people talking is by asking! With Valentine’s Day on the minds of many, people will be inclined to answer your timely question about the holiday.

Share the Love

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for a giveaway! One surefire way to stoke the engagement is offering a sweepstakes for a chance to win one of your products. Whether you require people to comment, tag a friend, or share, asking people to engage in order for them to enter the contest is an excellent way to encourage action on your Facebook page. For all those who share your post, they are putting your business in front of other people for free. The attention your giveaway can catch may be well worth giving away a product to a fan. Plus, those not lucky enough to win might realize they want to buy the product anyway!

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