Should You Post the Same Content on Multiple Social Media Platforms?

The funniest story in the world loses its luster after you’ve heard it a half a dozen times.  Once we know the punchline, we typically tune out because we know what’s coming next. When it comes to social media, your audience could be having the same reaction to your content if you are duplicating your messaging.


Your content is unique, but your audience on your channels may not be as unique.  If you post the same thing on all your channels, you give your audience very little incentive to look at more than one of your channels.


Here’s how to change it up.


1. Know Your Audience and Strategy for Each Channel

How well do you know your audience Facebook vs. Instagram vs. LinkedIn vs. Twitter vs. YouTube?  It is important for you to understand what that audience is expecting on each channel, and then you can develop a strategy that caters to them individually. 


Don’t guess what the audience likes.  Dig into the analytics and insights of each channel and each post to determine which content works best.  This is the foundation for your content creation.


2. Change Up The Copy

With a new strategy, you can figure out how your messaging differs from channel to channel. 


When you are creating posts for your social media channels, it is okay to write about the same topic over and over. Don’t overdo it.


We get it; you have an event coming up, and you want to make sure people are aware of it. It is important to get exposure to your posts, but you don’t want to annoy your followers.


On Facebook, your audience may be more interested in who is attending your event.  Whereas on LinkedIn, your audience may be more interested in what type of topics they will learn about at their event. On Twitter. Your audience will just want to share their excitement before, during, and after the event. Your YouTube audience will want to see videos of what happened at the event, and it’s quite possible Instagram’s audience will want to see which celebrities were at the event, or what was amazing that was captured in photos.


3. Post a Different Picture or Video


A lot of social media comes down to the perfect picture. Photos and videos are eye-catching, and powerful images can stop your audience in its tracks.  They will pause their scrolling of the feed and pay attention to your content.  


It’s easy for us to fixate on that one image. Most times, we take many photos of what goes on at our events.  Try to pick your few favorites and spread them around your channels when you make a content calendar. 


If you have the same picture posted across all your social media platforms, your audience is more likely to scroll past it thinking that they have seen that post already. If you have different visual content, it will spark your audience’s attention that you have something new and exciting to share. 


4. Spread Your Content Out

Even if you decided to post the same exact content on all your social media platforms (which we don’t recommend), then it would be in your best interest to spread out the posts to make it less noticeable.


It is good to remind your audience about your promotions, but if they see the same post every day or even every hour, your followers will get annoyed, and they may unfollow you. Disperse your content over time as a reminder to your audience to take action.  Always keep them guessing what comes next, and never let them feel like your messaging is predictable.


45% said that they would unfollow a brand on social media because of too much self-promotion

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