How KWSM Works to be Uncommonly Organized

Sep 2019

Our team at KWSM: a digital marketing agency works to help brands express themselves through great content, authentic social media, and compelling websites. We manage hundreds of brands each year and share stories of success across a variety of industries by being uncommonly organized. 


We know what you may be thinking. How does anything get done if you are not organized? Hear us out!

Working with a large team means there are many different types of work styles and personalities. All of this affects a company’s productivity, including our own. Creating systems and processes to make sure everyone handles internal tasks, in the same manner, helps the team stay on top of things.  But how we go about those systems can be very different.  

While some members of our team have a notification, note, and highlighter for every single project, others work best in a more simple environment. As a business, KWSM has worked hard to incorporate our own best practices while allowing the employees to be creative on their own terms. We do this by reading from other successful entrepreneurs, sharing personal processes, and communicating our preferences. 

At KWSM, we employ a variety of methods to stay organized. While some team members have developed their own notification systems using notes and highlighters for each project, others prefer to adopt a more minimalistic approach. Some of the more collaborative methods of organization that we incorporate as a team come from reading about successful entrepreneurs, sharing personal processes, and communicating our preferences. Overall, our work environment allows for team members to pair KWSM best practices with individual preferences and systems that work for each of us.

We’re never bored, but our ducks are always in a row.  

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