Mobile Website Search Engine Indexing Now Considered a Priority by Google

Facebook is taking aim at people begging for likes and comments. The platform will no longer display prominently in the newsfeed “spammy” posts that beg for user engagement in an attempt to make sure the user experience remains a high quality. It’s one of the social media stories in the news this week.

Google Rolls Out Mobile-First Site Indexing

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Over a year ago, Google announced that it was experimenting with the ways it indexed a company’s mobile site in comparison to their desktop site.   Currently, search engine results only accounted for how they indexed the desktop site and often put mobile users at a disadvantage since the cosmetic difference between the two could be vastly different. Now that mobile is accounting for more and more daily searches; Photo Credit: Instagram / evolve_mobile_marketingGoogle revealed that it is expanding its initiative over the original test websites. Webmasters should expect to see smartphone Google bots showing up in their logs more often.   If your site already uses responsive web design, then good news! Responsive web design can render the layout based on whether the user is visiting the website from a desktop or smartphone.

Facebook to Start Deemphasizing “Spammy” Posts in Newsfeed

Admit it; you don’t like the begging too when your friend posts something on Facebook and asks for likes and comments to elevate its popularity. Well, Facebook doesn’t like it either. Facebook analyzed thousands of posts and is going to mute posts that are asking for engagement in the form of likes, shares, comments, and tags. The platform found that posts which are blatantly asking for this were naturally appearing higher in the newsfeed because of better engagement so to promote better conversations amongst users and improving the overall quality of the user experience, Facebook will not show these posts as often in the newsfeed in favor of better content. This won’t affect charities and nonprofits that are asking for donations to their various causes.

Snapchat’s new Lens Studio App Lets Users Create Own Filters

Having already released over 3,000 filters to its users, Snapchat has now launched the LensStudio app, which allows users to create their own filters. After the filter has been created, you will be able to share it with your friends through a QR code that Snapchat will assign to it. One of the primary features of Snapchat’s popularity has been filters, so this is a big leap by the company to open up its development. The only limit will be the users’ imagination. Snapchat promises there will be more tools like Lens Studio to come.

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