Make Networking Simple With LinkedIn’s QR Codes

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LinkedIn is a great tool to build your professional network. But have you ever left a business event forgetting the name of someone you wanted to chat more with? Trying to find them online could take an unnecessary amount of time that nobody has. Avoid the trouble of endless searching and continue your conversations online with LinkedIn’s QR codes.


Along with the translation of posts, LinkedIn has released another feature that allows you to connect with others through QR codes. Scanning these codes will direct you to the user’s profile, making it easy to browse and connect with people on the spot.


QR codes are a great way to expand your connections by putting them on materials that you can hand out at events or can easily access online. Include your code on everything that involves your business on and offline. Get creative! These codes can be more useful than you may realize. Here’s how:


Business Cards

By adding your QR code to your business card, people can instantly access your online networking without the trouble of searching for you. All you have to do is hand them your business card, and they can connect with you on their own time. How much easier can networking get?


Email Signatures

Make your QR code accessible to anyone you contact by adding it to your company email signature.  This simple step will make your networking a breeze. LinkedIn also allows you to upload these codes from your phone, so all you have to do is snap a quick photo from the email, and you’re easily connected.


Networking Events

QR codes can be beneficial at networking events to quickly connect with people without going through the trouble of finding them after. Utilize your events by keeping your code with you whenever you need it. If you’re at a business event, consider adding your code on brochures, resumes, and badges. You can connect with ease without limiting important conversation.


LinkedIn also allows you to send codes via iMessage. By tapping “my code,” your own QR code will pop up and can be shared from there.

Currently, this feature is only available on LinkedIn’s app, so you won’t find your code if you’re using their website. QR codes seem to be something most people need to grow accustomed to, but there is huge potential for them if used correctly.

Utilizing LinkedIn can grow your business networking beyond in-person conversations. Make a lasting impact on your profile viewers with these helpful techniques.



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