5 Metrics to Measure Your Video Ad

Jul 2018

When it comes to measuring a video ad’s success, it’s important to look at different metrics based on the goal of your campaign – and we’re talking beyond view count. Views may be the proverbial public scorecard, but they’re not always the best way to track progress against a brand’s unique goals. Today, we will be sharing some metrics to consider when measuring your video ad’s success.


View Count

Simply defined, view count is the number of times your video has been viewed. This can also be referred to as Reach. If your goal is increase brand awareness and get your video seen by as many people possible, this metric is a great way to track your success. The tricky part about measuring view count is that every video hosting platform measures a view differently. For example, YouTube counts a view for every 30 seconds watched, while Facebook is 3 seconds. So before you report on your video view count, be mindful of the platform you’re uploading to.

Play Rate

Play rate is the percentage of page visitors who actually clicked play and began watching your video. You can calculate this percentage by dividing the people who played your video by the number of impressions it received. This metric is helpful to look at when determining how relevant or appealing your video is to your audience. If you begin to notice your video is reaching thousands of people, yet only a handful of people actually play it, you’ll probably want to consider optimizing your content.



Liking, commenting and sharing are all examples of engagement. If you’re on social media, these metrics are probably familiar to you. All forms of engagement are good indicators of how relevant your content is with your target audience, as you can see how many people are having conversations with your brand. When it comes to engagement, the ultimate goal is to make your content engaging enough to make people want to share it with their network. The more times your video is shared, the more it’ll be viewed.


Click-Through Rate

The click-through rate (CTR) is another metric that isn’t unique to video. It’s the percentage of viewers that click on your call-to-action in your video content. If your video goal is to drive viewers to follow an action, CTR is a great indicator of how effective your call-to-action is. If your CTR is low, you might want to consider revising the talking points, design or copy associated with your call-to-action.


Conversion Rate

If your goal is to drive leads or customers, you’ll want to utilize this metric to the fullest. The conversion rate is the number of times visitors completed your desired action divided by the number of clicks on your call-to-action. Actions like filling out a form, subscribing for a service, downloading an app, or made a purchase are all examples of conversions. We always recommend adding a video to your landing page to drive higher conversion rates. Check out our 3 Steps Closer to a Viral Facebook Video for more tips on how to create an engaging video.


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