Is the Grinch Stealing your Organic Reach this Holiday Season?

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When it comes to pushing out your content, Facebook is taking a close look at whether you’ve been naughty or nice. The algorithm decides whether you get lots of organic reach or a social media stocking full of coal.   While getting organic reach on your posts is more difficult, there are ways to stay on the Facebook’s “good” list this year.


More Quality, Less Frequent

Facebook favors content that is relevant to an audience.  The algorithm sifts through and rates its relevance based on your audience’s interest and behaviors. We suggest looking into your audience insights to find out which posts rank highest and when your audience is online.  Then create your content and post according to your findings.  


Facebook Ads

That old saying “nothing in life is free” comes to mind here.  Organic reach is a gift, a gift that the Grinch keeps stealing. But you can still amplify your content. By putting even a small amount of money behind your posts, Facebook will guide your social media sleigh. Boosting posts is one option.  This allows you to target beyond your own fans.  Pay close attention to the results of your boosted posts to better use your money.  

Using Facebook ads is a surefire way to get the reach you want, but that’s not the most important number.  You want your audience engaging with your content, not just scrolling past it.  Especially if you’re paying for it.  Monitor your ads closely and use compelling images and copy.  Don’t rely on your money to get the exposure you want.  Be creative and remember that your audience still needs to be compelled to engage with your ad.



Network, interact, engage, and join the conversation.  However, you want to put it, if you’re not having a conversation with Facebook users, you’ll soon be forgotten about. Join groups, comment on current events, or even ask for feedback from your audience.  Social media is a two-way street.  The “social” part of social media is often forgotten about and it’s truly an essential part of a digital marketing strategy.  

Set aside time in your strategy to delve into the relevant conversations that are going on and be the expert you are.  Offer up some useful information or entertain your audience.  Being personable on social media creates trust with your audience and will make them want to engage with your posts.  

Optimize for social sharing

Social media cannot be solely responsible for getting your business to the top of the food chain.  Part of your digital marketing strategy should be optimizing your website.  The social share buttons may seem like a small addition, but consumers use them as they are convenient. Take advantage of the power of an SEO-rich blog by posting useful, engaging, and entertaining information.  If your audience is sharing your content both from your social channels and from your website, people will take notice, as if you had a shiny red nose.  

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