Facebook Is About To Change The Way Your Customers Talk To You.

Dec 2017

Social media has completely shaped the way you communicate with your clients and fans. Instead of snail mail, phone calls, and dropping by in person, people are now tweeting at you and posting on your Facebook page. It’s helped people address issues and concerns quickly and publicly, which can grow your brand quickly. Now Facebook is looking to make communication even easier with Customer Chat, an integration of Facebook Messenger, which may further shift the dialogue between you and your customers.


Why should I pay attention to it?



Currently Facebook Messenger has about 1.3 billion active users a month. That is nearly half of all users. The most appealing part is that Customer Chat isn’t only for Facebook. The new program will allow you to integrate the program with your website, giving you the ability to Facebook Message people directly from your site.


What will it do for me?


There are a number of reasons Customer Chat could change the landscape. First and foremost is Customer Chat’s ability to save your message history. Customers can transfer from talking to you live on the site to chatting in the Messenger app without missing a beat. This also allows for easier tracking of customer concerns or questions. Being able to click into the conversation and go back through all the information provided, cutting down the chances of miscommunication or misunderstandings.


Customer Chat also provides the chance to create a custom welcome message, meaning you can put a professional and personal face to the messages from the start, and open conversations with the customer. Not every person is going to feel comfortable starting the conversation, and there is a chance they won’t even know it’s an option. Putting yourself out there first opens a door the visitor might not otherwise walk through. You can also craft automatic messages in case you are unable to respond right away.


When can I use it?


While the program is in public beta, and changes will inevitably made, the possibilities are exciting to think about. Imagine being seen every time someone opens their Messenger app. It isn’t just an easy and familiar way to have a conversation, you’re marking your brand on their phone in a way that associates you with friends and family. You can find out how to attach Customer Chat to your page on Facebooks developer page. And make sure you get the most out of the program by getting more eyes on your blog!

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