Including Keywords on Your YouTube Channel

youtube channel keywords, youtube help, how to show up higher in youtubeThere is one thing that almost every YouTube channel I look at is missing… keywords.

I’m not talking about tags on videos – those are important too, but most people include a few of those. I’m talking about keywords for the channel itself. Most people don’t realize you can include keywords for the channel and even more people probably have no idea where to find it.

Because YouTube is a little difficult to navigate, here is how you get to the place to include your keywords:

If you are looking at your channel (make sure you are logged in), hover your mouse over the right side of the box directly below your website and social media links.

youtube keywords, youtube channel settings, youtube help

Next, click on the edit button, then click on ‘Channel Settings.’

keywords youtube, channel settings youtube, help youtube

A new screen will display and in the top section, there is a field called ‘Channel Keywords,’ as shown below. This is where you will put your keywords.

youtube channel keywords, channel keywords youtube, youtube business help

Now, what to put as your keywords requires a lot more education than what I can include here. However, if you have keywords that you use on your website, I recommend you use those here as well. If you have never had someone create keywords for you or have never done keyword research on your own, I suggest doing so.

In the meantime, put a few keywords or phrases in here that when people search for them, you would like to show up for. In between each keyword or phrase, be sure to separate by a comma.

Including these keywords will help tell YouTube (and Google) what your channel is about and will help it show up higher in search results when people search for the keywords or phrases you include here. Like I said before, most people don’t know about this or don’t do it, so you will be ahead of the crowd if you include keywords on your YouTube channel.

Have questions? I would love to help. Comment below and I will be sure to get back to you with an answer. Also, I would love for you to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We release videos with short tips on doing social media for business.

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