How You Can Drive Traffic To Your Company Page on LinkedIn

Building up your personal profile and professional network on LinkedIn is key for not only your professional development but also for the growth of your business. Your company LinkedIn page will benefit if you have a great personal LinkedIn page. With a little bit of time and effort, you can go from zero to 60 in no time on your personal LinkedIn page.

Hit the Pedal On Your Professional Summary

The professional summary of your profile is what visitors see first, so it is important to make it informational and intriguing. Start off with what you do and why you use LinkedIn. If you’re trying to drive people to your company’s LinkedIn, suggest that they get more information about your product or services on your company LinkedIn page. You could also share a fun sentence at the end to wrap up why you love your current job and drive traffic to your company page that way.

Rev up Your Recommendations

If you’re looking to bring people to your company page, make sure that your personal page stands out like a shiny new sports car! Deliver all of your best information, which includes having glowing recommendations. If you work with trusted colleagues, ask them to write a recommendation on your profile. Don’t be afraid to also ask certain clients to write some great words about what you do. The goal here is to reflect the fact that the work you do for your company makes the company even better, and the person reading this will feel confident in working with you and your company.

Content “pool”

Just like the benefits of ridesharing on the freeway, driving traffic into the fast lane of LinkedIn relies on sharing as well. One of the best things you can do on your personal page to benefit your company page is to share your company page’s posts. Simply click “Share” on the company page’s post, and then type in what you would like to say. Make sure to tag the company page in the description so that people are able to click through to the Company Profile you tagged if they want to get more information. If you can encourage others in your office to share also, your LinkedIn company page will be at the center of attention for a lot of users.

Stay active on the channel by endorsing coworkers, liking or commenting on posts, or publishing articles. By publishing articles on LinkedIn, you get to show off your business, build credibility and display your skills. You can even join specific groups for your industry and share knowledge there. If you keep moving on LinkedIn, you’ll be sure to send traffic to your profile and your company profile as well.

Now that your personal LinkedIn is finely detailed, let’s pull out the buffer and wax and discuss how to make your company LinkedIn page shine.









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