How Twitter Can Support Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How Twitter Can Support Your Digital Marketing StrategyTwitter has become a huge asset to business owners for their digital marketing campaigns. Currently, more than half of B2B companies rely on Twitter as a piece of their marketing strategies. These companies turn to this channel to make direct connections with the millions of users that flock to Twitter daily. Knowing that business owners rely on Twitter to support the goals in their marketing strategies, the platform has continued to grow its online features.

Twitter recently added new professional tools to help business owners with paid accounts maximize their on-platform experience. KWSM has been helping people optimize their Twitter accounts for more than 13 years, and in my time as a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist I’ve seen the tactics that have made an impact on client goals. In this blog, I’ll share how Twitter can support the goals of your digital marketing strategy and how this channel has helped clients I’ve worked with reach new audiences.


How Does Social Media Fit Into a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Twitter can be a great asset to your digital and social media marketing strategies. Because of the natural conversational setup of the platform, it’s simple to network one-on-one with your audience organically. 

Building these natural relationships starts with your business profile. On your feed, create posts that showcase the behind-the-scenes of your business, testimonials from your clients, links to your blogs or featured articles that show your expertise, and even photos of your team in action. All of these content elements can help humanize your business and improve the strength of your networking as you reach out to audience members daily. 

By using Twitter to nurture these new relationships, you can drive high-quality leads and build real connections with followers and those in your industry with the click of a button.

How Do You Use Twitter in Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Twitter can be another excellent platform for your business to build genuine relationships with your customers, partners, and prospects. Users on this channel post consistently in a very conversational manner. Often, they pose questions to companies and each other with the goal of having a conversation.

“Twitter is all about starting and joining conversations with other people – in fact, it might be considered the most conversational of all major social media platforms. Businesses have a tremendous opportunity to use these posts and threads to their advantage and communicate with their target audience directly.”

– Meredith Ashburn, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, KWSM.

At KWSM, we use Twitter to support marketing efforts for a variety of clients. I’ve seen this networking strategy work extremely well for companies that are involved in trade shows.

One medical industry company our team supported wanted to connect with trade show attendees. As part of their strategy, we reached out to people via Twitter that were talking about the event. Our goal was to boost engagement by asking them what they looked forward to at the event and set up one-on-one meetings with them at the company’s live booth. As a result of this networking, we were able to secure multiple meetings with prospects for the day of the event at no cost. These efforts were completely organic.

What’s New on Twitter’s Platform?

To make networking even easier on this channel, Twitter has increased the character count of posts for premium subscribers. Twitter Blue Subscribers that pay monthly for their blue checkmark now have 4,000 characters to share this message in each post. Previously, they were limited to a 280-character limit. Although these users now have more room to type, Twitter will still continue showing snippets of longer posts in the main newsfeed. People can click on the post to expand the text fully and engage. 

A common mistake business owners make in their Twitter strategies is only posting promotional content. The ultimate goal of this channel should be to position your business as an authority and a resource for your audience. When writing your content, consider how you can provide value to current conversations and share your brand personality.

How Does Social Media Work in a Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy?

Although Twitter is a fantastic networking and content tool to use as part of your strategy, it will not help you reach all of your lead-generation goals alone. It is ideal to wrap in a holistic approach to your marketing and include a variety of tactics such as social media, email marketing, paid advertising, public relations, and sales outreach that can work together to help your business achieve its goals. Tying all of your marketing tactics together to reach one goal helps you to develop consistent marketing that effectively builds relationships with your customers and increases your leads. 

40% of businesses are unable to achieve their goals with their current marketing strategies.

Is your digital marketing strategy getting you the best results for your efforts? KWSM develops carefully crafted marketing strategies and campaigns that convert strangers into potential customers.

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