How to Boost Twitter Engagement

Oct 2021

How to Boost Twitter EngagementAre you looking for new ways to boost your engagement on Twitter? Or looking for ways to better serve your audience via Twitter? Twitter is the most conversational social media platform, so it makes sense to lean into that, but how do you find the people to talk with? 

There are a few ways to find your target audience using the Twitter platform. The first thing to try is using the advanced search function to find relevant conversations. Having a branded hashtag is another great idea, because doing so gives you an easy way to look for people already talking about your brand. Following and tagging relevant accounts whenever possible is a great way to boost Twitter engagement as well. Let’s dive into these tactics.

Searching for Relevant Conversations

To search for relevant conversations, you first must know what you are looking for. There are 500 million tweets per day, so you need to be goal-oriented to find the best conversations. Each company should have general goals and timely goals for your engagement strategy, and your conversations should align with those goals.

Say you are doing social media for a state park, and your main priority is to get people to visit the park or attend events. You could search for people talking about hiking nearby or looking for outdoor activities in your area. You could also search for people who have been to your park and retweet their photos or ask to use them in your social feeds. 

Using Twitter’s advanced search is a great way to do this. Put in goal-oriented keywords and then look for relevant conversations. You can even save this search so you can come back to it easily. 

Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags are a great way to engage with people who already know about you. You want to make it easy for fans of your brand to know your hashtag. You can do this by having it in signage at your location, having it in your bio, using it yourself, or even paying to promote your hashtag. 

Following and Tagging People

When doing your searches, note people with high follower counts and those who frequently come up in searches; give them a follow and tag them in relevant posts. This could also help you prepare for an influencer campaign. Does your brand have partners? Make sure to tag them and engage on their tweets. Doing this will encourage them to follow and engage with your content.

There’s no one-size-fits-all tactic in digital marketing, but having targeted conversations on Twitter is a great way to get in front of the right people. Talk to KWSM to see if Twitter is right for your marketing strategy. 

megaphoneThere are currently 500 million tweets per day. Are you standing out in those tweets?

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