How to Respond to Happy Customers on Social Media

It’s not unusual that unhappy customers who leave negative, sabotaging reviews and comments get a lot of love on social media. It’s only natural to want to do damage control to keep that customer and uphold your company’s reputation. But are you neglecting your happy customers? They need some love too. Believe it or not, they are just as important as the customers who complain about your business.

When people take the time to share a positive experience they had with your business or compliment your product, it’s a big deal. We should be celebrating this and showing our appreciation for someone who has not only supported your brand but shared their amazing experience. Acquiring new customers is more difficult than maintaining your happy ones. This is such an easy way to maintain a connection with your customers, so they feel valued by your brand.

Acknowledge your MVP customers with these responses.

  1. Say the Two Magic Words.

Gratitude can go a long way, and it takes very little time to say, ‘thank you.’ Plus, it’s the least you can do after that customer took the time to rave about you on social media. Add a photo, gif or address them by their name to add a personal touch to each response.

  1. Ask a Follow Up Question

Following up with a more specific question about their experience shows that you are genuinely interested in your customers. It helps them feel more connected to the brand. And who would want to break up with a brand that has built a long-term relationship with their customers? You also want to keep in mind that when your customer responds to your question, you now have even more feedback to share as a testimonial.

  1. Offer Advice

Let’s say your customer really enjoyed a specific feature of your product; this is a chance to sing the praises of another feature. You can also provide a hack or tip for using the product. This strategy is indirectly targeting people who are browsing through your content. It’s another way to highlight the benefits of your product without posting about it on your newsfeed every other day.

  1. Share Their Praise

Don’t forget to share how awesome your brand if with the rest of your followers. Sharing your customer’s compliment not only makes them feel honored but can convince a potential customer to give your product chance. Remember, customers trust other customers. So when your happy customers toot your horn, don’t forget to share it with everyone.


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