How To Put Out A Successful Newsletter

News flash, newsletters aren’t dead. In fact, they are a thriving piece of digital marketing that every company should be utilizing. Specific age demographics check their emails more than they do their social media accounts. So why not reach more people to spread brand awareness? We want to break down the components you need to send out a successful newsletter.


First things first; the layout and design of your newsletter matter more than one would think. The great thing about many of the newsletter host sites like MailChimp or Constant Contact is once you create a template, you can use it every time and just switch out the information being shared. The design of your newsletter should stay consistent with the elements of your brand like colors, fonts, and your logo. Depending on how much information your newsletter is filled with, you should also break it up into sections for news, events, or promotions, so your audience doesn’t have to just keep scrolling down and getting lost through endless information.


Once you have your template complete, it’s time for some engaging content.  This is arguably the most important part of the newsletter. Newsletters are great for announcements, special deals and promotions, events, and even an inside look at what the company is doing. No one wants to read paragraphs of information though; so this is where your titles should be eye-catching, and your information should be to the point. Newsletters are also a very good tool to direct consumers to pages you want them to see. You can link each section to a website, and this way you can track traffic to see what was clicked on the most. This will help in creating future newsletters.  

If you can master the above, you should see a boost in marketing in no time. Also, don’t get discouraged by your first newsletter. Each one will get better and better; you have to start somewhere.

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