How To Increase Your Business’s Engagement On Twitter

Aside from mentions and hashtags, Twitter offers a variety of important features that your business can use to increase its engagement. Twitter makes it possible for your business to share news and information with your audience. We’ve gathered up four features you should be using on Twitter if you want to increase your engagement.

Trends, Trends, Trends

On your desktop, Trends appear on the left of your feed. On your phone, simply click on the Search button in the upper-right corner and you’ll see what is trending. Trends are the current, most talked about topics on Twitter.

But why should you pay attention to these? After all, these might not directly align with your business. That is exactly the point, although these trending topics may not directly align with your business, by tweeting about these trends, you get to reach a broader audience. It is important to get creative on Twitter and find a way to incorporate what your business stands by jumping on a trending topic. This is one avenue to highlight the personality and diversity of your business.


Source: @brendasainz77
Source: @brendasainz77


#Stickers on Twitter allow your business to add extra creativity to pictures.Stickers act as a visual hashtag. In other words, photos with a certain sticker are discoverable to anyone who searches that sticker. This will allow your business to find and connect with other users who have used that same sticker. Your business now has a lighthearted topic to start a conversation about with prospective customers.

Twitter Chats

Typically, large brands or companies on Twitter will host Twitter Chats using a specific hashtag that allows people to join in with. Twitter Chats are an hour-long and encourage dialogue between people sharing the same interest in a topic. Joining a Twitter chat will allow business owners or employee advocates the opportunity to show its expertise on a certain topic. Think of Twitter Chats as a networking event on Twitter. You can connect your business with other people in the same industry.

Twitter Polls

Businesses say it all the time – they want their customers’ feedback. Twitter polls are free and allow you to ask a question and instantly get an answer from your followers. You can add up to four options for your audience select. This is great for asking what additional products or services your customers might be looking for from you. There are many opportunities to capitalize on, from your next special to asking customers whether your business should stay open later on Saturdays? Whatever the question, you can ask it on Twitter and gauge your audience’s feedback.

If you’ve been wondering why mentioning other Twitter users and using hashtags isn’t getting you the engagement you want, taking these four features into consideration will help boost your numbers.

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