How to Find Relevant Followers on Twitter

Did you know that Twitter passed the 500 million user mark last June?  That’s great news, but where all the quality users? Do you ever have a hard time just finding the right people to follow? Really, Twitter, you should be expending your manpower on developing a more advanced search feature, so that your 500 million users can better connect with each other.

But I digress. Sure, Twitter’s search function is lacking, but there are ways to go about the site to find people to connect with. It requires a little more work on our end, and plenty of digging around, but in the end you will have built a good follower base with people that you want to connect with.

Start by logging into your Twitter. On the upper right hand side of your dashboard, you’ll see a white box with a magnifying glass. Enter in a search query that interests you. It can be anything– your industry, your profession, hobbies, activities, etc. Since I have a growing affinity for Scottish whisky, I’ve decided to search for anything relating to “scotch”. Then, hit the magnifying glass.








A separate page will pull up an entire summary of all things related to my search query, including any public tweets that mention scotch (see right hand side), people who like scotch (see upper left corner) or even pictures of scotch.  From here, I like to click through to the “People” to see if I can discover anyone new.










Now, Twitter will list out their top users related to my search query. I peruse through this list and see if there’s anyone that I find interesting to follow. The first result, Scotch the tape brand, probably won’t provide me much value beyond sticky adhesives, so I skip. But the next listed results look promising.












From there, I start digging around these profiles to see if they have any interesting followers that I can connect with too.


Now, wasn’t that easy?







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