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Oct 2012

There are millions of bloggers out there and chances are the same topics get covered by multiple writers.  It’s hard to be the “first” and “only” person to cover a news story or even a general topic in today’s world of blogging.  We all think that if we write about the newest, most popular story that our blog will get traction right?  Surely if we write  about something like the election, when its 4 weeks away, everyone will be searching for it right?  It’s true that it will have high search traffic but it would be naïve to think no one else has the same idea.

To really attract new people to a blog there are a few guidelines that can help distinguish your blog from all the rest.


A common misconception to blogs is that the writer can create content prolifically.  With millions of blogs on the internet chances are topics are going to be repeated, not just once but many times.  That raises the question, why would readers read one blog instead of the other? The answer is content.  The best way to attract readers is to write information rich content.  Give them something to really hang their heads on.  The best content isn’t  what you write in 20 minutes before your lunch break, it’s the stuff you really take time to research and put into words.

Writing Style, Tone and Voice

There is a time and place for literary and image rich writing and a blog is probably not the best place for it.   Writing style is crucial when attracting people to a blog.  Most people are looking to blogs for information, for fun and for pleasure.  On the contrary they’re not looking to analyze poetry or philosophize about the alternate meaning of life.  The point is that the writing style of the blog makes a huge difference in the amount of readers who continue to read and subscribe.  Using a friendly tone and an easily understood writing style is sure to appeal to the common blog reader.  By all means, if you are the Pablo Picasso of writing, don’t lose that touch, however be weary of being too intricate on blogs – people just lose interest.


You know that feeling when you are reading a book you really don’t enjoy, usually because someone is making you (school, boss, parents, work etc)?  The most exciting thing you can come across in the book, that is once you’ve lost concentration so much you start forgetting the previous sentence you just read, is a picture right? That’s because pictures engage the brain differently than text.  They force us use to use different sensory skills which allow us to have a different interpretation.  Pictures foster an emotional connection more so than words.  So when blogging keep this in mind.  People are more inclined to read blogs with pictures that  break up the text as opposed to ones without.

Have Fun

The most important thing to do on a blog is to have fun.  Blogging is a serious tool to help businesses raise awareness about their brand but that doesn’t mean the content has to be serious all the time.  Mix in some jokes here and there and write about some lighter subjects.  The change of pace to the writing is what will keep readers coming back for more.

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