How To Craft A Landing Page That Converts

This year, KWSM launched its very own internal mentorship program where team members have the opportunity to mentor or be a mentee for a particular area of digital marketing. For this inaugural go round, I chose to be a student of web development, with a focus on creating a high-converting landing page. I have a few key tips that I learned from this experience I believe will help you either create or optimize a landing page to get the results you want.


Clarify Your Audience & Messaging

One of the key factors in getting a user onto your landing page is first knowing who your audience is and framing your messaging to attract that particular group. You have to understand what makes your audience tick, what intrigues them, and how to hold their attention. And with user attention spans constantly dropping, it’s important to strategically verbalize the solution you bring in just a few words. Thus, leading me to my next point.


Grab Your User’s Attention

Once you’ve determined the most effective messaging, you have to convey it in a way that will captivate a user’s attention immediately. The best way to do this is through a striking headline that commands your user to tune in. Effective, attention-grabbing headlines do the following:

  • Ask a question.
  • Share a riveting statistic.
  • Show empathy/concern for the user’s position.
  • Get right to the point.
  • Presents the company as the solution the user has been looking for.


Speak To Their Pain Points

There’s nothing like knowing your problems are understood! A tactical way to your users’ hearts is by quickly speaking directly to their pain points, letting them know from the start you understand exactly where they are, and you have the winning solution they’ve always needed. This will often be placed near the headline before you go into your solution and testimonials. For example, f your target audience’s issue is finances, let them know immediately that your solution provided the financial freedom and peace of mind they’ve yet to gain. 


Stick To The Point

In addition to speaking to their pain points, keep it concise. Stay away from the tempting rabbit trail. Pull your users in with the headliner, keep them on the edge of their seats by talking directly to their problems, and then bring it home by giving them the solution. Building a landing page has a rhythm and science to it that, if followed effectively, can have a major impact on your users. So don’t feel like you have to ramble or over convince your audience. 


Address Potential Objections Early

It’s human nature to reject change, even if that change is our best possible option. The best thing you can do to make sure your landing page is prepped for these situations is by anticipating your audience’s fears and objections and stopping them dead in their tracks. Is their fear that product/service is too expensive? Mention that you offer a payment plan. Are they concerned they won’t have time to take advantage of your product/service? Share how seamlessly it fits into anyone’s schedule. Lastly, you always want to end it with a call-to-action. Make them feel less hesitant by offering a free trial or free consultation.


So, next time you’re working on your landing page and refreshing your format, keep these tips in mind and remember that working towards consistent conversions take practice and continual page optimization. You can do this!


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