How to Run an Ad on Pinterest

Mar 2020

Pin It words, How to run an ad on PinterestAdvertising on Pinterest works well for many brands. The platform itself is built on inspiration. Giving users the option to purchase what they see is a no brainer. A large portion of pinners even say content from brands is more useful than other types of content on the platform. Thinking about running Pinterest ads but not sure where to start? Here’s everything you need to know about running ads on Pinterest.

Types of Pinterest Ads

Within Pinterest, there is a multitude of options for ads.

Promoted Pins: These are general pins boosted with the purpose of increasing reach. These appear in the home feed and in search results. This type of ad works great for many businesses because the sponsor label disappears once a user shares it, but you still reap the benefits.

Promoted Carousels: Like a traditional carousel pin, these ads include 2 – 5 images. Similar to promoted pins, these ads will also appear in users’ home feeds and in search results. The great thing about using this feature is each image can have different content and lead to a unique landing page.

Promoted Video Pins: Video pins are growing in popularity on Pinterest. These ads will appear in home feeds, search results, and the “more like this” section. Keep in mind that users may be watching the video without sound. It’s important that your ad is not dependent on audio.

Buyable Pins: Although these ads look similar to promoted pins, they function very differently. Instead of going to one landing page, the image includes tagged items that can be directly purchased.

How to Run a Pinterest Ad

Once you’ve decided on the details of your ad campaign, it’s time to set it up on Pinterest. 

Step 1: Get a Business Account

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If you don’t have a business account, you have a few options to get started. You can either convert your personal Pinterest account into a business account or create a brand new account.


Step 2: Install a Pinterest Tag on Your Website

 how to run an ad on pinterest, pinterest tag

Adding a promoted tag to your website will allow you to track what actions your customers are taking on your site after seeing your Pinterest ads. You can view checkouts, signups, and searches.


Step 3: Choose a Campaign Goal

campaign goal, how to run an ad on pinterest

Like any ad, it’s important to pick the correct goal. On Pinterest, you can choose from driving traffic to your website, building brand awareness, or focusing on video views.


Step 4: Choose Your Budget

budget, how to run an ad on pinterest

Here you have the option to set a daily budget or a lifetime spend limit.


Step 5: Choose Your Audience

budget, how to run an ad on pinterest

Set the parameters for who you want your ad served to. You can specify by several details, including gender, location, language, and device. Don’t forget to add interests and keywords to help your ads deliver to the right users.

Step 6: Ready, Set, Go!

Choose the length of your ad and launch it! Each campaign differs, so be sure to monitor the progress throughout your timeline and make tweaks along the way.

It’s okay to get creative with your Pinterest ads. After all, your goal is to inspire users to take action. Whether it’s sharing your pin, heading to your website, or following through with a purchase, make your ad stand out in the feed.


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