Which Social Media Channels Should Your Las Vegas Business Be Using?

Aug 2020

With a growing population of 662,000 residents, Las Vegas business owners have a large pool of customers to reach. Whether your business is located on the east or west side of Las Vegas BLVD, digital marketing can help you connect with residents across the city. With so many social channels to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which is best for you. Here are the benefits of using the top social channels to help you decide which is best for marketing your Las Vegas business.


Facebook is ranked as the most popular social media platform and has a worldwide user base of 3.5 billion people. It’s likely that many of your local customers are one of these users. No matter what industry you are in, Facebook can work to your advantage. By creating a local business page, customers will be able to find directions to your shop, visit the link to your website, RSVP to your local events, and get to know you in private groups. You can even use Facebook to create location-based ads that will deliver specific messages to locals. This can help increase your brand awareness in the city, drive traffic to your website or store, and engage people who are interested in your business.


Twitter is a great social channel to network with people in your city. Whether you’re trying to get a feature with a local influencer or share information about a new product, Twitter allows you to communicate with 145 million daily active users. Using Twitter for your business allows you to share updates about your company, showcase your expertise through blogs, interviews, and media mentions, and get direct feedback from locals. One of the greatest benefits of Twitter is the ability to tweet to anyone on the platform. You can easily reach a city leader or give a shout out to a loyal customer within seconds. You can even participate in conversations with local users and easily promote your business in an authentic way.


LinkedIn is an ideal social platform for those businesses that are focused on recruiting or engaging with other business professionals. As a business owner, you can create a profile to help establish your identity in the city and build your LinkedIn network with other local business owners in your industry. This could help increase referrals for your services and position you as a thought leader. If you focus on B2B sales, LinkedIn can help you connect with those Las Vegas organizations you’d like to partner with. If you are involved in the community, be sure to share updates about your local volunteering events or donation drives on your LinkedIn profile as well.


Users share more than 70 million new photos every day on Instagram. If your business is image-focused, Instagram may be an ideal platform to use. Local restaurants, retail stores, gyms, and entertainment businesses can help drive traffic to their Las Vegas locations as well as showcase another side of their businesses. If you’re in the food industry, Instagram is a great way to showcase all of your offerings and even announce new items on your menu. Run a fitness center? Use Instagram to introduce your classes, instructors, and share how-to videos. Even if you’re a service-based company, you can still connect with locals by showing the faces behind your business and testimonials from Las Vegas customers. Whatever your focus is on your Instagram page, be sure to use captivating photos and captions to drive engagement on your profile. 


73% of adults in the US use YouTube to search for products or businesses and to discover new things. Does your business have videos featuring your services, products, events, or notable people? You should be sharing these on YouTube. Everything from event recaps to employee features to influencer takeovers and how-to videos can be featured on this platform and help you target locals. Since many consumers use YouTube as a search engine, your content can appear to many potential customers. Be sure to use searchable keywords and titles to help these users find your content easily.

No matter which channels you choose to use, ensure that you have a strategic plan that can help you reach your business goals. It’s great to have many online followers, but it’s better to turn those followers into leads.

megaphone54% of consumers use social media to research a product or business.

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