In the News: Instagram Encourages Exploration While Facebook and Twitter Work to Keep Users Informed

Aug 2020

While users turn to social media for inspiration and information, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are trying to make the experience easier. In the news this week, Instagram wants to make it easier for users to discover new profiles to follow while Facebook and Twitter are doing what they can to create transparency for both businesses and users.In the News: Instagram Encourages Exploration While Facebook and Twitter Work to Keep Users Informed

Instagram Adds Suggested Posts to the Newsfeed

After you breeze through all of the most recent posts on your feed, you will see a list of suggested posts on Instagram from users that you are not following at the end of your feed. This feature was added to make users aware that they are caught up and that they can move on to other tasks instead of continuously scrolling and wondering if they have seen all the posts. Additionally, this feature gives users the ability to connect with brands that they may be interested in through suggestions from Instagram.

Facebook Provides Businesses With Group Analytics

Over a  billion people use Facebook groups every month, and Facebook says this feature is an ‘under-appreciated’ product that deserves more focus.

Facebook decided to launch new analytics insights for groups. With these insights, group admins can get a better understanding of key trends and behaviors to create the best experience for the members of the group.

With the insights, you can see the number of new members as well as their demographics and comparative statistics of what percentage increase, or decrease was observed in new member requests. You also will be able to schedule posts and see post engagement. Most importantly, you get to see which users interact the most in the group and what content they interact with the most. The users also get suggestions for other groups to follow. Another benefit of group analytics is that you get to manage who is in the group and see the results of all the membership requests whether the user was accepted, denied or blocked from being a part of the group.

Twitter Shares More Info on Users That Send DMs

To make users more aware of who is trying to get in touch with them via direct message, Twitter has included more context about users upfront, which will make it easier to see who the user is and whether you know them or not. 

The new Twitter DM requests will display which other profiles the user follows that are also connected to you. You will also be able to see an abbreviated profile summary at the top of the screen – which will save you from having to tap through to get more insight into who the person is.


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter lead the pack as the most common social media platforms used by marketers. 

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