What Social Means at KWSM

Aug 2019

At KWSM, we pride ourselves on our core values in the office and in our lives. Our core values include being Creative, Communicative, Team Oriented, Uncommonly Organized, Loyal, Passionate, and this week, we’re talking all things Social. 


Being social starts on the inside of the operation here at KWSM. We communicate both personally and professionally with our team to be a well-oiled machine each day. What we’ve done is build a foundation of trust with one another, and we have accountability and ownership to flourish as different projects are set into motion. One of the best qualities of KWSM is that you are held responsible for getting your work done without being micromanaged. This is only possible because we have one another to communicate where we are at with work and sometimes even personally.


We share that same approach with our clients.  We love our clients, and we like hearing about their lives.  Yes, we work online. But to accurately tell our clients’ stories, we have to get to know them offline, and outside the business, too.  Something that enables us to be successful is the ability to build lasting relationships with clients. We act as their advocate. 

Our Content Editors are the liaison between KWSM and the companies we serve. Each editor has a strong interest in getting to know the clients and their colleagues. Another huge role in our job is events, photoshoots, and of course- social media. Having strong communication skills will help you thrive in these environments when you are counted on to attend events, run meetings and calls, and be active on the different platforms we manage. 

The meaning of social plays a big role for us, and we’re always looking for people who love to interact as much as we do! 

Ready to be part of a dynamic, connected team?

We want to work with people who are passionate. If you have the ability to get excited and roll up our sleeves to serve our clients, we might just be the work-family you’re looking for!

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