What are Website Landing Pages and Why Do You Need One?

Aug 2019

Landing PagesIn the vast world of digital marketing, there’s a lot of different lingo thrown around, which can be challenging to learn even for those of us working in the industry. One phrase you may have heard in digital marketing is “landing pages.” Whether you are creating a new strategy or adjusting an existing one, landing pages are essential to capturing leads efficiently. Confused about what a landing page is and why you need one? We’ve got you covered!


What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page on your website that captures leads funneled in from marketing promotions, marketing emails, or online advertisements. Typically this webpage includes a call to action where users can move forward in the sales funnel process. 

Why Do You Need One? 

Landing pages are an important part of the sales process because these webpages are solely dedicated to the action you want your audience to take. This single objective should be easily identified for the best outcome and conversions. You may ask, why do I need a specific landing page when I have an entire website that talks about my brand or product? Although your website does have many pages you can link back to, those other pages usually lack a clear call to action or objective. Landing pages – from the copy, to the imagery, to the forms – clearly outline the action that needs to be taken to capture a lead. If you are selling a product, the landing page matches the intent of the ad so that customers can make a direct purchase.


75% of user judgment about your business’s credibility is based on your webpage’s design.


How well does your website tell your story?

Today’s consumers expect to have a flawless experience on the Internet.  They want to shift seamlessly from their mobile devices to their laptops without ever missing a beat.  Your website must be ready.


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