What Promoted Pins Mean for Small Business on Pinterest

Jun 2014
Photo credit: @travel_report
Photo credit: @travel_report

Note: An update on Promoted Pins for small businesses is now available!

Pinterest is continuing their roll out of paid-advertising in the form of Promoted Pins. In upcoming weeks they will be doing trials of the new feature with large brands like Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Target and Kraft Foods.

Promoted Pins will work just like normal pins, but they have a special “promoted” icon on the lower right corner, and the option to learn about the pin.While these pins are not showing up on all feeds yet, the likelihood of seeing them will increase in the coming months.

Here is an example of what promoted pins look like:

promoted pins
Photo credit: Pinterest.com/Blog


For small to mid-sized business owners, this could mean that your audience will be exposed to material from big brands (even those they don’t follow) and you will have to fight harder to keep their attention on your organic pins in the newsfeed.

But, we don’t want you to panic!

Here are three things to keep in mind when pinning, so you get the most exposure and engagement on Pinterest.


1. Repining Will Add Value

Follow credible users with similar target audiences. Repin content that also serves as a good resource for your followers. By repining content from competitors and industry experts, you are keeping your pins timely on the home feed.  Users will be seeing more content from all different sources, but useful content goes a long way on Pinterest. Find pins that educate and showcase unique ideas whenever possible.

Also be sure to write a description that suits your target audience. We also recommend using keywords and hashtags in your descriptions. Repining without writing a new description can appear like spam, and decreases the value of that particular pin.

2. Your Story Matters

If you have been using a witty tone to talk about recipes you love, keep that tone prevalent. Do you always ask questions in pins? Keep asking away! Just utilize those keywords and hashtags we mentioned when you do.

You also want to tell the story of your brand and be as personal as can. Showing your interests outside of the office via different boards will help build trust and reliability.  Make sure to pin content from your website , like blogs, to help craft your story.

3. Visual Recognition Counts

Do your followers recognize you from the black and white inspirational quotes you post? Keep that up! No need to change your look, just because promoted pins were invited to the party.

Pinterest Styling


You don’t want to confuse your current, and potential followers, by totally changing how you appear. When creating new boards, use the same style techniques you use on the other boards. For example, if you name your boards “We Love…” “food” or “travel” or “office décor”, you should continue to do so.

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