What is New for The Google Shopping Experience?

Jun 2022

Google Shopping + Google Marketing Live 2022Google Marketing Live 2022: Google Shopping Updates

If you run e-commerce and you have products in Google Shopping, you probably look forward with anticipation each year to Google Marketing Live, where the company announces new innovations in the platform. 


Google recently held its big event, and we want to break down some of the new features you can take advantage of with the Google Shopping platform.


Inviting Shopping Experience  

Your customers will enjoy a new shopping experience, as the Google Shopping ads will now have a swipeable view that will allow for richer images and descriptions. Your potential customer can learn and see more by swiping up on an ad to see the product in more detail. Also, as augmented reality is on the rise, businesses will soon be able to showcase 3D models of their products in search results. More AI features include enhanced interactivity with images to see how those products will look in your home or space, or even on your body if it’s clothing. 


Direct Checkout        

Another upcoming feature to the Google Shopping experience will be the ability for shoppers to checkout directly from a listing on the search results page. The checkout will bring them to the checkout page on the business’s site rather than going through multiple screens. Streamlined shopping is always a desire for retailers and their customers, so cutting down on the clicks and pages viewed to buy a product will benefit everyone.


Web to App Connection        

Continuing with the trend of creating a seamless experience by limiting the number of pages customers go through to make a purchase, Google is creating a connection to your app directly from mobile search. This Google Shopping update benefits your website and your app as well, including deeper tracking metrics. The web-to-app connect helps you identify URLs that need to be deep-linked, estimate the revenue of that link, and measure the app conversions.


Loyalty Program Features         

Your business will soon be able to showcase your loyalty program benefits in two ways. The first option is to integrate the benefits within the Merchant Center, which can display the loyalty offerings to existing program members that opted-in to see them. The second option is geared towards attracting new loyalty members that will display at the bottom of the product listing using Customer Match. 


This loyalty update will be beneficial to existing and new audiences, especially when wanting to unlock greater profitability, as customers will repurchase, refer more, and try new product offerings. 


red megaphone / bullhornShopping ads generate 85% of clicks that are from Google Ads or Google Shopping campaigns. 

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