What Do Pinterest Policy Changes Mean for Health and Beauty Brands?

Jul 2021

Pinterest recently announced new policy changes to their on-platform advertising in an effort to create a more inclusive environment experience for users. This policy bans all ads featuring weight or related images. Pinterest is the first platform to enact this. Although this is a large cultural shift for social media, it will significantly affect health and beauty brands.

New Pinterest Policy

Pinterest’s new policy was developed by the National Eating Disorders Association after their recent study revealed a large increase in eating disorders in association with an increase in wellness-related searches on Pinterest. These guidelines prohibit a wide range of weight loss messaging, Body Mass Index references, topical weight loss products, and ads that idealize a certain body type. Additionally, they work in tandem with previous policy changes that ban ads promoting appetite suppressants, weight loss pills, and liposuction. The goal of these policies is to promote positive body image and healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, these bans may not have positive results for health and beauty businesses. 

Impacts on Health and Beauty Businesses

In the last year, more consumers spent their time at home exploring new products and businesses. As a result, Health and beauty brands used Pinterest as their main resource for reaching their audiences. These new policy changes could put a halt to their long-term marketing plans. These businesses will have to look at more creative ways outside of advertising to promote their products and services. The policy also bans testimonials – a tactic many businesses use to promote their products and services. They will even have to change their messaging altogether to eliminate the mentions of weight loss or a “normal” body type. As a result, they run the risk of missing out on the people who could truly, and healthily, benefit from their services and products.

These new changes mark a revolutionary step in the culture of social media. As a result, health and beauty businesses need to adapt and pivot their own Pinterest strategies in order to survive. 


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