How To Build Trust in Your Brand

Jul 2021

brand trustBrand trust may be more important than ever amid the global pandemic and the widespread feeling of uncertainty that accompanied it. Having a brand that people trust in a volatile economy is crucial, and this feeling of security protects the brand in return. There are certain things you can do for your brand to increase trust and credibility. 


Customer Reviews 

Trust in a brand is often built through honest reviews by clients. Having reviews accessible for others to vet the brand or product is a quick way to gain customers’ trust. According to Loomly, 53% say brand trust is second only to price. Authenticity in a brand is important and providing potential customers with a place to read reviews and get raw feedback is important. 


Customer Testimonials

Another great way to build trust is through client testimonials. Testimonials show how a customer feels about the brand and their experience with it. Sharing testimonials on a brand’s website or social media adds credibility to the brand, showcases a customer’s positive feedback, and builds trust. 


User-Generated Content 

Implementing UGC into your social media strategy is also a great way to build trust in your brand. When potential customers see you sharing content from previous users, it immensely boosts interest and trust in that brand. It shows others that previous customers are fans of the brand and are eager to share their experience with that product. Just like reviews and testimonials, sharing UGC also provides a raw and truthful insight into the brand.



70% say trusting a brand is more important today than in the past.



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