Playing “Hide and Seek” with SEO | Social Media Help Desk Episode 71

Aug 2019

When was the last time you took a test you knew you wouldn’t fail? This week on the Social Media Help Desk, our host Alexandra Hall is walking through the latest stories in social media marketing with our panel members Layla Lameijer and Olivia Riley as they discuss LinkedIn’s new skills assessment, Pinterest ad changes, and this week’s topic discussions on  good content-based SEO strategy and channel demographics.


Breaking News 00:00-07:10


We are starting things off with the week’s top news stories. Have you tried our LinkedIn’s skill assessment, a new feature to help users measure their strengths? The panel is sharing their thoughts on this and some of the other top marketing stories this week.


A Lesson in History 07:10-16:08


Oh, how far we’ve come. Olivia is up next with a blast from the past. She’s discussing the major changes in social media over the years from the first online networking site in 1997 to international chatting app WhatsApp; these platforms have changed the world. 


Have SEO Will Travel 16:08-30:00


What would we do without Google? Lucky for us, we won’t have to find out! Layla is discussing the importance of search engine platforms like Google and Bing and how to create the best content to rank high and be seen! 


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